Aloha!  My name is  Abigail Esmena and I am SAG-Aftra actor, host, independent director, and producer living in the midwest and working nationwide.  


I knew from a young age I wanted to be an actress.  They had to play the Oscar music so I'd get off the stage during my kindergarten graduation ceremony otherwise I would've kept the audience there all night!

I graduated with a bachelors degree from Northern Kentucky University in electronic media & broadcasting and theatre and have taken a plethora of acting classes and courses to maintain and improve my acting skill and ability.  I approach every role with the same excitement I had when I booked my first role and I go deep into my character work and background to give my role the truth, honesty, and life it deserves.  I am easy to work with, always positive and upbeat, and I can handle criticisms and critiques with open ears, open mind, and graceful demeanor.  


You have at least 75% in common with any character you play, whether it's Hitler or Peter Pan.  You couldn't lose it if you wanted to.

- Jack Nicholson


Acting isn't just a hobby or a method of residual income; it's my passion.  Truly remarkable actors give up their souls to the role and endure heartbreak and heartache to bring their character to life in the most inspiring and honest of ways.  I aspire to be one of those truly remarkable actors.  It may not be today, it may not be tomorrow, but it will BE.

Much love & happiness,


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